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My true passion for the outdoors came to be, when I spent much of my childhood traveling among the National Parks of the west coast, USA. This gave me ample opportunities to be enthralled by all of the intricacies I saw in nature around me. As I got older, I developed an interest in nature photography which became a cherished hobby during my years living in Colorado. I believe that being engulfed in nature is both a physical and emotional healing experience. I use my photos as a way to give the outside world a glimpse into its outstanding beauty.  I recently have learned about a practice called 'Forest Bathing', which simply refers to spending time in the forest or nature being used as a form of 'medicine'.  Taking in the forest atmosphere.  Here is a website that explains more details: Forest Bathing(Time magazine), and there is a book listed there which I have and feel that it is very good at explaining how/why nature heals in so many ways we are not aware of. 

I feel that it has been very helpful in my life of challenging medical history and rehab....with my knee surgery in April of '23 and then the second because the first didn't work in July '23. So far its going good but not totally healed yet.  We'll see, cross my fingers and do what PT and Dr say.  Its not going to be perfect as the professional athletes show us by having reoccurring knee problems later in their careers. Will post something later as an update. More likely to post something on Facebook sooner. So check that out too.  Link to Facebook is below.

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