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----- After graduating college I moved to Colorado to pursue a career while at the same time falling in love with nature once again. This time more adventurous hikes and journeys were planned. Driving across several western states to find those perfect vantage points was the goal and it worked much of the time. Some of the pictures on this site are well known places but others are not. Those unknown and unexpected vantage points are usually where some of the best moments happen. You can't always expect the best only plan and be prepared.

Several years ago I met John Fielder while on one of his photography workshops. John is an experienced nature photographer that owns a gallery and runs photography workshops to teach other some skills. He also publishes books. We started talking and sharing stories. We hit it off pretty good. I had him over to my place for dinner a few months down the road. Then I proceeded to ask him if he had any openings at his gallery. He said he would get back to me. A couple weeks later I was working in his gallery near downtown Denver in the art district. It was a marvelous experience working in that gallery among several dozen other fine artist nature photographers. After working there a year I was given the pleasure of hanging some of my work on the walls as well.

I gained so much experience in many different ways working there in that environment. I learned from everyone little things here and there. It was fun most of the time and very rewarding. John let me come on some of his other workshops in Breckenridge, Telluride and Crested Butte. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere he asked me what I was doing a couple weekends in the future. I am working at your gallery I stated. He asked me to come on a backpacking trip with him and two of his llamas. So since he is the boss he let me slide work that weekend and we headed off for 4 days of high alpine adventure. I think we went for 30-35 miles total. Crossed creeks here and there without too much difficulty. At least not for him.The llamas carried most of our gear so that freed us up to do more exploring and less back breaking work. I learned so much on that trip from where to be and when to 'so thats how that works' A lot of is was reinforcement of my current skills/knowledge.


Our camp setup in the Rawah Wilderness in northern Colorado.

Llamas grazing in the grass while we were doing something else. They were tied up in this area and kept themselves busy.




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