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Scott Ludgin 


My true passion for the outdoors came to be, when I spent much of my childhood traveling among the National Parks of the western, US. This gave me ample opportunities to be enthralled by all of the intricacies I saw in nature around me. As I got older, I developed an interest in nature photography which became a cherished hobby during my years living in Colorado. I believe that being engulfed in nature is both a physical and emotional healing experience. I use my photos as a way to give the outside world a glimpse into its outstanding beauty.  I recently have learned about a practice called 'Forest Bathing', which simply refers to spending time in the forest or nature being used as a form of 'medicine'.  Taking in the forest atmosphere.  Here is a website that explains more details:, and there is a book listed there which I have and feel that it is very good at explaining how/why nature heals in so many ways we are not aware of.  I feel that it has been very helpful in my life of challenging medical history and rehab.


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